Media Coordinator: Judy Uhrig *** Volunteer Coordinator: Pooh Merritt

Media Coordinator: Judy Uhrig ***   Volunteer Coordinator: Pooh Merritt
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Our #1 Book Collector Marie Rodden!

A very special thanks goes out to Marie Rodden, who single-handedly collected hundreds of books for our drive. She secured donations from our public libraries, raided her own book collection, and went around to thrift shops and book stores to find books. She brought in a set of 2005 World Book Encylopedias for our school in Botswana. Ours are from 1998! SHE IS AWESOME!!!

Also, many thanks to Tamika Nelson and the staff of Amos Cottage for collecting books for us!!!!!


  1. I have really enjoyed your blog! Latham did a terrific job with their book drive and Winston-Salem did a magnificent job. We're going to be able to fill another 5 primary school libraries with the extra books collected for a total of 48 Botswana libraries donated from Winston-Salem. Buckets of gratitude to Judy Uhrig, Marie Rodden and everyone else that helped with this book drive! Chris Bradshaw, African Library Project Founder

  2. Thank you Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The staff and students here at Latham have learned so much from this project!!!